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YAVES is also full service interior design and project management company specializing in construction, renovations, interior decorating and home organization . Our services include all architectural and design elements related to both the interior and exterior of a home.

The company is involved in projects of all sizes and we work with clients in ways that best meets their budget and time constraints.


We consult, design and install!

You wouldn't trust a banker to do your electrical just as we don't recommend you have just anyone install your floor. Please don't hesitate to send us email for more details. We pride ourself in having top people  who really care about their work and the home owners satisfaction. 

Drywall Installation

For this labour-intensive step, we use only experienced drywall hangers who are well-versed in proper methods and techniques. We also do sheetrock installation and drywall taping for a smooth, finished look.



We take the stress out of painting by offering complete services in one package deal. This includes: priming and painting difficult areas like ceilings, casing, baseboards, and moldings.

Bathroom and Kitchen Tiling

Get a 2-year unlimited warranty with all of AGM’s expertly installed tiling.


Plumbing and Electric: Make your basement a truly livable space with our professional plumbing and electrical services. Our licensed plumbers and electricians are knowledgeable and well-equipped to provide the best solutions for your basement finishing.


YAVES Has good friends one of them is biggest and best Canadian window and door company.


Canadian Manufacturing 

They have invested in some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment available from around the World.



Over 26 years in the window and door industry. Over two million vinyl windows in happy homes across Canada.


Cost Effective 

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace automation allows them to provide better quality products while lowering manufacturing costs. and at the same time increasing production. A fact that makes them the leader in their sector.


Energy Efficiency 

More Energy Star rated windows and doors than any other manufacturer. Regardless of the product we build for you – it will exceed the Energy Star ratings and match or exceed building code requirements.



4th Generation, family owned Canadian vinyl window and door company Canada.



Their products are built to exceed quality testing standards by at least 30% allowing them to withstand harsh climates.


The outside of your home is the first impression your guests or neighbours get after all. As a homeowner you take  pride in your home; often to the exclusion of the exterior. Especially since we tend to spend so much of the year inside. If you feel your home could use a new exterior or a revitalization, you are in the safe hands with YAVES.

Veneer Stone

We ensure that your stone veneers are manufactured exactly in the color that you want. Rest assured that we have the latest technology to help you select the color that will match with your surroundings. Our stone veneers are of high-quality and you can be sure that they will not fade over time 




At YAVES, we know that a great basement
starts with great finishing. We offer a comprehensive service list for transforming the dark walls and flooring of an unfinished basement into a clean, well-lit and comfortable living space. These services include:
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